White Bass were up early this morning Launched at Houseman Access at 6 AM and proceeded downstream looking for white bass.  Found a couple of schools near Beaver and trolled Rapalas through them. Not only picked up fish there, but also caught whites at Beaver in Butler Creek cove.  Moved back upstream and fished for trout after the whites stopped biting.  Our advice to catch these rascals is to hit the water early because, this period of the season, they seem to have a small 'bite window' in the morning (as in the evening). Later on, they will be around all day long.  Marked several walleye near Beaver, but did not try to catch them.  The water temperature downstream from Houseman for over a mile was 46.8 degrees F.   We did mark a small bait ball toward Beaver and noted that there were some areas where you would see the stray bait on the surface, but not enough to be charted on the fishfinder. Hope you can get out today and try your luck. The generation for today is scheduled to occur from 7 through 10 PM. The weather prediction calls for partly sunny skies with a high temperature of 71 degrees F.  Winds are from the NNE at 8 MPH.