First of all, HAPPY EASTER!  Launched at Houseman at 6:30 this morning and moved downstream watching for any sign of whites on DSI, ( Down Scan Imaging ).  Actually found a few that were willing to take a pass at a Rapala deep runner that was black on gold. The whites were in 48 degree F. water with no bait balls present.  They seem to be moving upriver, but they have a ways to go before they reach the Houseman area.  We also know that they can cover a great amount of distance in a very short time. The bite lasted only for around a half hour.  If you are going to go after them, perhaps you should go very early in the morning.  Look for small 'clouds' of them on your fish finder.  We did catch one that slipped by our unit and surprised us.  After the concentrations of whites dispersed, we decided that we would go back upstream to the Houseman vicinity and try for trout.  By 9 AM, we had had enough and headed home. The weather today is predicted to be wonderful, so, before the generation begins at 6 PM, you have an opportunity to go get them.The generation is scheduled to begin at 6 PM and run through 9 PM at 88% capacity. The weather calls for winds from the SSW at 7 MPH gusting to 18 under partly cloudy skies. High today is expected to reach at least 74 degrees F. ( It is at that point now around my house.) Tomorrow, the generation is scheduled to happen at 7 and 8 AM at 88% of capacity, then at 7 through 9 PM. The weather is predicted to bring us the possibility of showers at 6 and 7 AM and later in the afternoon. The skies should be partly cloudy with winds from the SW at 7 MPH gusting to 11. Have a good day fishing!