Launched at Houseman Access Wednesday afternoon and trolled upstream to the Hwy 62 bridge in search of more walleye, or any other fish in the biting mood.  Fishing with different models of Rapalas, we only caught trout, which we released. Unlike the previous outing, no walleye fell prey to our efforts.  Darn!  Generation was in full swing, and coupled with the brisk wind, reeling in fish and steering the boat was fun.  Today, the wind is predicted to be a maximum of 5 MPH, but the generation is to be in full swing, again. (If they are generating only to lower the lake, do not ask me why that does not happen at night, say from 6 PM to 7 AM.) Anyway, being out fishing beats doing most anything else!Generation today is scheduled to begin at 7 AM through 8 PM, 7 AM through 10 AM at 88%, 11 AM through 4 PM at 44% and the remaining hours at 88%. The weather today is predicted to be partly cloudy with a high temperature of 62 degrees F.. Winds are expected to begin the morning from the south, switching to the NNW at 5 MPH.