Sam and I launched this morning at Houseman Access and moved downriver and jigged for walleye. We did not mark any whites in the 45 degree F. water. As mentioned in the last report, one needs to launch at Holiday Island or Beaver to be in an area with white bass. They should be moving up the river as the temperature gets into the upper 50s. As the bait begins to show up in an area, so should the whites. Finished our exercise in jigging and began trolling upstream. By the time we were at the Hwy 62 bridge, we had our limit of rainbows and headed home. We passed one boat with two people aboard who were fishing with four rods. Sam passed along that, in the tailwaters, only one rod per person was legal. They acknowledged our data, but made no move to put away the excess rods. The end of the tailwaters is on the upstream side of Houseman Access. If you want to use multiple rods per person, you must be out of the tailwaters.Generation for tomorrow is scheduled from 7 through 9 AM and PM. The high temperature predicted for the 15th is 67 degrees F., under cloudy skies with a chance of rain throughout the day. The winds should be out of the SE at 5 MPH, gusting to 8. Hope you get out to try your luck on the beautiful White River!