DSC_0541We fished yesterday, and the trip was a little out of the ordinary for us. First, the generation was scheduled to run from 7 am through 11am, so we planned a noon launch to give the water a chance to settle. As so often happens, though, water was still flowing past 1 pm. The client on board with us was interested in fly fishing only, so our job was to guide him to the fish. We fished seriously in two stretches of river after launching at Houseman, and the bite didn’t begin until the water had settled. Our client found the wind challenging for the delicacies of fly fishing, especially since his new Orvis strike indicator failed to float. This made catching those more subtle bites, out of the question. Only when the bite was hard, was catching possible, which really cut down the numbers.

We did notice a couple of bait fishermen who managed to limit out, but even that took persistence. The wind today was pretty rough as is expected again tomorrow. There is an 80% rain chance for tomorrow, too. But the positive note is that generation is not scheduled until 8 and 9 pm tomorrow night. So, fishing Monday may not be for the faint of heart, but it’s still fishing!