Launched at Houseman Access this morning at 6, and immediately began trolling downstream. Accidentally grabbed the wrong Rapala and had it in the water about 4 blocks behind the boat before that fact dawned on me. By then, a 23 inch male walleye bit with authority and ended up in the live well. Switched lures to the one that seems to be preferred by the whites and cast it into the area where the whites were showing up on the Lowrance. Before you knew it, whites were coming aboard for lunch. All of the fish were better than 2 1/2 pounds and put up a fun fight. Only fished for about an hour and a half, then headed in to clean fish and tend to household chores. As I was pulling out of the water, the one and only other boat seen this morning was pulling onto the launch ramp. By the way, the water temperature at Houseman was 51º F. Some bait was marked, but not in very large quantities. Tomorrow is predicted to be hotter; so might be the fishing. Go out and see for yourselves!The generation schedule for tomorrow has not yet been posted at the time this is being written. The high temperature for tomorrow is expected to hit 89º F. under sunny skies. The winds are to be from the south at 7 MPH.