Launched at Houseman Access this morning at 6:30 and trolled upriver initially pulling a Rapala Scatter Rap 07, black on silver. Caught a couple of trout on that lure as well as a "smalleye", ( A walleye that was undersized). Switched to a CD 7, black on silver and caught a few more trout and another "smalleye'. Turned the boat around and headed back towards Houseman Access. This time, I pulled a Rapala Xrap, 9, black on silver. Nothing! There were only a few other boats on the river keeping me company, one of which was a guide boat. Arrived back at Houseman at 8:40 and was home by 9. Oh boy, coffee! It was a mild morning with plenty of early morning action. No pics, as it was a catch and release day for me.There is only one hour of generation scheduled for today, at 5 PM. The high temperature for today is to be 90º F. under mostly sunny skies with a chance of PM. thundershowers. The winds are from the SSE at 7 MPH. Sam and I are planning on an adventure tomorrow morning. Hope to see you out there.