Sam and crew launched at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 7 AM and proceeded downstream in pursuit of the rainbow trout. Between 7 and 7:30, several trout had come aboard to ‘visit.’ For variety, Sam moved further down river and picked up a few trout at each stop and even a couple while trolling. Trolling also enticed a walleye to grab on for a trip to the boat. Unfortunately, measurement showed him not to be legal, so back he went into the water. Unfortunately again, a nice trout made it all the way into the net, then spit out the hook, and waved his tail 'goodby’ as he leaped back into the White River. That's fishing! It turned out to be a beautiful morning to be out on the river. Tomorrow promises to be a repeat of today, weather-wise. Let’s go fishing!After Sam motored down river, Jim sat down and fished from the Bertrand ramp and caught 5, four of which were 'stockers' and one 17 1/2 inch river rainbow trout. Some fishermen at the same site asked how it was done, so we passed along some tips about how the successful rig was put together. Generation for today is slated to be from 3 through 6 PM. The day should be mostly sunny leading to a 90 degree high this afternoon. Winds are from the south at 5 MPH.

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