DSC_0658We managed to get both boats launched around 8 this morning after a wait on the boat ramp. Events of the morning brought to mind the courtesies that boaters usually extend toward each other around a busy launch ramp. Test your motor at home or in the parking lot. If you have trouble with it at the ramp, move aside so others can launch. Prepare your gear before moving onto the ramp. Once you unload your boat, try to move to the side while you finalize your preparations. Now, if no one else is waiting, take your time. But blocking the launch ramp for 40 minutes organizing your tackle box will not endear you to others! Oh, but I digress from fishing.Sam took a couple of folks out to fly fish and found that, although there was a healthy fish population in the area, they did not seem to be too attracted to midges or woolly boogers, either with an indicator or not, despite the best efforts of the experienced fishermen on board. There were several other folks fly fishing today, but they did not seem to fare too well either. The men on Sam's boat hooked a few, but did not actually 'boat' them. DSC_0660 As for spin cast fishing, I put my boat in the water, and immediately began catching trout while trolling with a Colorado 1/4 oz. spoon, which had not been effective prior to today’s outing. The fish seemed to be concentrated from Bertrand launch ramp to just down river from Spider Creek Island. After passing the old Hwy 62 bridge pilings, the bite dropped off to practically nothing. I had 17 strikes, of which 13 were landed. Five of these were put in the live well and accompanied me to the cleaning table. Image 5-14-16 at 4.31 PM Both Sam and I marked a good deal of bait in the river as far downstream from Bertrand as the far side of Spider Creek Island. We did not mark any fish feeding on the bait balls. Those whites! They may be farther down river, say, around the Houseman Access area. We plan on finding out either Monday or Wednesday. Generation today is slated from 7 through 9 PM, and tomorrow from 5 through 10 PM. The high temperature for tomorrow is expected to hit 63º F. under mostly cloudy skies with winds from the ESE at 5 MPH. Better get out and catch a few trout for supper!