Since yesterday was a copy of Friday with respect to fishing, I chose to not report. Today, however, turned out to be very interesting. Fished at White Bass Cove around 8 AM and ended up with no fish. Yesterday, I had caught a 14 1/2 inch smallmouth bass which gave a nice fight and even danced on top of the water for a while. Sent him back into the depths to rest up for today, but, as learlier alluded to, he did not show. Moved to the river close to the Beaver Dam and ran into a family from Dallas. Took the time to show One of the girls how we rigged to fish on the river, and began to re-rig her pole while she practiced with my St. Croix. Darn, she caught on so fast that I did not get to rig her rod until she had caught thimagee 5th fish. After that, the rig was completed and her father hooked a really nice trout on The newly rigged rod. Unfortunately, it was in the top end slot, just barely, so back it went. It was a fun morning, and I hope that they enjoyed the experience as much as I. The trout were biting on hatchery formula, yellow, salmon peach and rainbow. They did not give a second glance at green pumpkin or pink. The fly that a friend was using at the Parker Bend area this weekend was a hand-tied midge that closely resembled a zebra midge with a silver bead. Yesterday, he limited out very quickly. Today, he was at Parker, but I did not get back to see how he fared after meeting earlier this morning. There is generation at 44% of capacity scheduled for 5 PM tonight. The high temperature for today should hit 74 degrees F, under cloudy skies with heavy thundershowers expected. Winds will be southerly at 13 MPH with heavy gusts in the thundershowers. Tomorrow, the high temperature should be 69 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies after 9 AM. Winds are predicted to be from the south at 12 MPH, gusting to 18. Generation is scheduled for one hour, 9 PM. Be careful and HAVE FUN!