We launched at 7:00 on a cool and beautiful morning with plenty of fog over the river. We went upstream at a slow clip due to the fog and not being able to see much in front of the boat. This was the second time we took out this lovely anniversary couple.  We anchored and the day’s fishing started out nicely.  One 16-inch plus and one slot then a couple more. For some unknown reason, the catching switch was turned from on to off. We moved three more times, and though we had a few bites we caught nothing else to put in the skillet.  We used eggs and bait of various colors and configurations, but once the bite stopped, the experienced fisher people in this boat couldn’t get it back.  The fishing was out of sight, but the catching was disappointing to say the least.  The company and the conversation was sure top-notch, however.

See you on the river and tight lines.