This has proved to be a good week for fishing.  We launched at 7 a.m. under the supervision of otters. One was at the ramp and the others were a bit further upstream.  We human fisher people went upstream and anchored.  The day was beautiful, foggy, but beautiful.  The only impediment to this gorgeous late summer day was some heavy equipment that seemed stuck in reverse.  That beeping noise was definitely a form of pollution.  However, it didn’t seem to disturb the fish.  We caught and released 4 slots throughout the morning, but limited out nevertheless.  The clients on board were experienced at fishing in the northern part of the US, but this was the first time our anglers had fished for trout.  After a discussion of ways to prepare the trout, we cleaned and bagged fillets for them.  Once frozen, these fish would make the trip north to be the centerpiece of a family dinner.