We launched at 6:30 this morning when it was dark and foggy.  It took two boats for this family group of five.  We had taken them out a couple of years ago and enjoyed getting reacquainted and seeing how the children had grown.   Our day began with motoring upstream and anchoring close to one another at the first stop.  We used Power Eggs of different colors and some Power Bait.  After catching several fish, including one 17-inch big boy and a slightly smaller slot we had to put back, we went upstream still farther and anchored at several different places.  In all, we caught 12 slots we had to put back today.  That would have hurt a lot worse if we had not been able to catch quite a few of keeper size.  Time ran out and we ended a great trip with  the live wells filled with fish.  We didn’t see any blue herons, but we did see some ducks and a few other birds, as well as a young otter.  Hope to see you on the river and Tight Lines to all.