We launched at 6:00 a.m. and motored upriver. The water temperature was much better due to the cooler weather and perhaps to some release of water from Beaver Dam as advertised by the Army Corps of Engineers.  There was a recent news release that they were going to start releasing water through some conduits in the dam.  We had several different otter sightings, as well as many bird sightings.  It was obvious that our guests were experienced “Birders” from the various species they identified.  We anchored and began plying our skills, using several different colors of Power Eggs and Power Bait, along with wax worms.  We were eventually successful, and as usual the bite stopped rather suddenly.  We headed back downstream and continued working the fish population.  An interesting observation is that all of the fish we caught were river fish; that is, the meat was all bright pink, just like the salmon they are very closely related to.  I wonder if the stocking rate has dropped dramatically?  Our guests were good friends who like to try something new every year and this was the year for trout fishing!  A good time was had by all, including this guide.  See you on the river and tight lines.