We launched at 6:30 this weekend and with the coming of Fall that is what 5:45 looked like just a bit earlier in the summer.  The river was shrouded in a misty fog which didn’t lift for several hours.  Due to the fog, we didn’t see much on our way to our first anchorage, in fact we could barely see either river bank and we were in the middle of the river.  We were surprised that we were the only ones on the river.  That changed as the day unfolded, but it was wonderful enjoying the solitude of early morning on the river.  The couple that we took out were celebrating a birthday.  They were engaged, both to each other and in catching fish, which they did to a great degree by limiting out.  Arkansas Game and Fish officers checked our licenses and our catch, and they also thought this couple were doing a good job.  I would like to the thank AG&F for doing what, at times, may seem like a thankless job.  They are keeping our natural resources healthy and available for us in a polite professional way.  The fog finally lifted after we had moved to another spot to fish.  One thing about the fog, it makes the trip back to the launch ramp seem like we are on a completely different river than the one to the anchorages.  We used Power Eggs of different colors, and a bit of Power bait, but the fish seemed to prefer the Power Eggs.  See you on the river and Tight Lines.