It was a beautiful morning on the river for these clients, following a wedding the evening before.  We launched at 9:30 and to my surprise we were the only boat on the water until much later.  The water was 55 degrees instead of the 85 degrees of recent days, and there were no dead fish floating thanks to the Corps of Engineers having fixed one of the generators.  Norfork has started stocking here again since the fish aren’t dying off.  We went upstream and started fishing at a spot that at one time had good fish, but lately hasn’t done so well.  Since the water conditions have improved we decided to try it.  According to “Pond Rules” we caught two really nice fish, one of which measured right at 17 1/2 inches.  Of course the one we didn’t measure was undoubtedly larger. :)  We fished this spot for a while and moved three more times having great fun.  It rained off and on several times, but just couldn’t make up its mind until we were heading back to the launch ramp.  Then the bottom dropped out.  I found some ponchos on board, and they gave us a little protection.  Of course after we were sufficiently wet and had reached the ramp, it stopped again.  We saw some otters and turtles and of course, the obligatory Blue Herons.  I included some photos of some of the fillets so you can see the difference between “river” fish and “stockers”.  See you on the river and tight lines.