We launched at 7 for this trip trying to dodge some thunderstorms that never materialized.  We motored upstream, seeing an otter and several blue herons along the way. This was a father-son trip, the father an army chaplain and the son a college senior, though still in his teens.

We anchored and began divining the deep.  Within an hour we limited out with a real prize, an 18-inch rainbow!  We fished with power balls of various colors.  I felt we were quite fortunate considering the water temperature at launch was above 80 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface. This was indicative of an oxygen content too low to sustain trout.  The fish hatchery began stocking again this week after the Corps of Engineers decided to start putting cooler water into the river from a conduit pipe that runs through the dam.

Enough of that. The morning was a beautiful.  Father and son had a good time, as did the guide. See you on the river. Tight lines everyone.