You have to love this business. You meet the most interesting people. People from far away, like today’s client from Spain, local people, like his fishing partner from Bentonville, people at the top of their profession and young people just starting out, newlywed couples and retirees, friends and relatives, just wonderful people period. I love it. We met at the launch ramp at about 5:30 and proceeded to launch the boat. We went upstream to work our way back downstream using Power eggs and Power Bait of various colors, with and without worms. We scored with the first cast and continued until the bite slowed down and until it seemed everyone and their dog decided to fish in our area. We moved downstream and plied our luck at several different locations. We saw a young otter and a raccoon working the shore line as well as quite a few blue herons. The water is still too warm for the trout to do well; they are quite stressed, and there were various dead fish, most likely due to the warm water. During the summer with generation happening, the water is in the 50’s, but since Beaver stopped generating, the water is in the 80’s at the Houseman launch ramp. That is the surface temperature, so of course it is cooler further down the water column. Trout do not do well in water over 65 degrees, I’m told due to the reduction of oxygen in the warmer water. All that said, we had a good time fishing Saturday morning, although we had to return one slot fish back to the water. One of the fishermen is a chef who heads a culinary school and the trout were going to make a great meal for all. The plan was to whip up a surf and turf affair for himself and family, including his visitors from overseas. See you on the river and tight lines.