We launched at 7:00 this morning and were quite distressed to see that the rumors about dead fish were true.  Some trout and shad and been adversely affected by the 80+ degrees.  The lack of generation of late has caused trolling to be difficult since “stuff” has not been washed out of the river.

After our initial concern, we motored upstream and were pleasantly surprised to see so many fish on the fish finder that we turned around and started over again, this time trolling.  It didn’t do any good, but we tried.  We saw quite a few Blue Herons and an otter family in our travels.  We began to fish in earnest once we got settled and did some catch and release, at least one of which was not our idea.  We tried our luck in  several different spots and gave trolling another shot, too.  This nice trip was a gift given to a couple of very nice Great-Grandsons, by their very nice Great-Grandfather.   As you can imagine, seven was a little early for a couple of teenagers on summer break.  So glad the trout managed to put a smile on their faces.

See you on the river and Tight Lines.