We launched a little after 5:45 Saturday morning.  It was cooler and the mist on the river wasn’t as heavy as it has been lately.  Part of that was due to the water temperature, I suspect.  It was over 80 degrees where we launched; this doesn’t bode well for trout.  We went up river and anchored at our first spot.  The fishing was slower than I have seen, but we had some good fish.  Unfortunately, we were not able to land everything we hooked, including one beauty which was definitely over 16 inches.  After a while, we went on further upstream and continued fishing.  We were using Power Eggs and Power Bait, all of varying colors.  At our first anchorage we were supervised by aquatic wildlife which we thought was an adult otter.  He definitely wasn’t afraid of us swimming to within 20 or so feet of our boat.  The smiles in this photo attest to the good time that was had by all.  See you on the river and tight lines to everyone.