We launched at 6:00 am to try to get ahead of the generation schedule.  It was beautiful this morning with a lot of fog. Seeing bank to bank was not possible in some spots.  We went anchored upstream and got bites quickly, but only one fish.  We tried just about every bait we had and even though we got bites we didn’t get any more fish  :(  We change locations and the story was the same, bites but no fish.  The bites were slow, but they were bites.  We tried trolling with some proven lures and were equally frustrated with trolling.  We could see the fish on the fish finder but they refused to come out and play.  The wildlife was not as plentiful as usual. The Blue Herons were absent, but we did enjoy seeing a turtle and a momma duck and her babies.  See you one the river and Tight Lines.