We launched about 6:15 Friday morning.  It was foggy, to say the least.  In places, we couldn’t see from one side of the river to the other.  For a change there was some surface activity, so we motored upstream to the spot that seemed the busiest.  The water was clear, and we saw a turtle swimming.  It is not unusual to see them sunning, but swimming doesn’t happen that often.  We anchored and had a blast.  The fog slowly rose as the fish  began to bite. It wasn’t long before we had our first catch.  Unfortunately, just as it was getting close to the boat the fish released itself.  Well, that’s fishing.  We switched off baits, using both Power Bait and Power eggs, all of various colors.  After the bite dropped off, we motored to another spot that had larger fish but slower bite.  Of course SPA started generating an hour before scheduled, and we didn’t even hear the horn. Oh, well.  We were able to catch a rainbow that was over 16 inches, yea!  It was about time to go, but we took a look at Blue Springs and were treated to the sight of quite a few walleye.  Shame, but we had to go.  One interesting note discovered during the fish cleaning process is that every fish caught today was female. And as an aside, the birthday girl had a great day, and we are hoping this couple's daughter doesn’t wait 3 years to come back down to Arkansas.