Yesterday was a challenge for sure.  We had two hardy and brave souls on board for an afternoon of fishing. We didn’t launch until the temperature had risen to just freezing.  The forecast was for 14 mph winds, but I think the wind exceeded even that.  The generation had stopped but the flow continued as the river attained stasis.  We went upstream and anchored and began our quest for fish.  I might also mention that a front moved in the night before and there was still snow in a few places on the bank.  The fish didn’t care about the snow but the front and the generation sure had them dialed back.  We fished but the bite was worse than slow, so we went upriver further than I had been since last year.  Did I mention we have had a lot of rain and the river is a foot and a half above full pool?  We anchored again and the contest was on, full swing.  One participant got more bites and the other got more fish.  It was intense for a bit, but the bite went away and we moved again.  Might I say we did great relative to a lot of other fishermen we came across.  The sunshine made the scenery beautiful despite the cold so it was a great day for one and all.