Surprise!  Yep, that was my Friday morning.  I was sitting down to breakfast just before 7:30 a.m. and went out to get the paper.  When I came back, my phone let me know that I had a voice mail.  I listened to the recording, and it was a friend asking if I could help out on a fishing trip AND the clients were waiting.  Oh, my gosh.  Of course, I said yes and started hustling.  The boat was ready for two but I understood there might be three, so I threw in some extra gear.  At the meeting place, we introduced ourselves. We proceeded to the launch area and got the boat in the water.  It was a beautiful day!  Generation did make fishing with ultra-light tackle quite a chore, but we persisted.  We caught a beautiful slot, which we sadly returned to the river.  We also trolled, but the bite wasn’t good at all.  I have done some drift fishing  before with little success, so did not try it Friday.  I have come up with some new ideas though and will try it again shortly.  The guests were wonderful, as most are, and we had a great time.  Although they were not originally my fishing clients, they wanted their photo posted online, so we are happy to share their smiles.