And I thought the last trip was challenging?   Well, this one takes the cake.  The couple on board was here for a relaxing getaway and some trout fishing, but they didn’t bargain for things to turn out like they did today.  The weather, the fish, and the  SPA, conspired against us for sure.  Just as last week, a front moved in to challenge the fish and us.  It was cold and blowing something fierce.  At one time coming back upriver, the waves were as high as the gunnels with a touch of white caps.  It wasn’t that way everywhere, but when we were on a part of the river that was going in the same direction as the wind, wow!  The SPA decided they need power just about all day so the generating started early in the morning, taking a break for a few hours in the late afternoon and then starting again.  We had a few good bites, but in so far as catching goes, it was one of two most disappointing trips I’ve had in six years.  We did see an otter on the trip and the people on board were most pleasant companions in a tough situation!