I think that I, and I hope our brave fishing clients, have recovered from our trip on the river Saturday morning.  The wind was horrific, the temperature was frigid, the fishing was great, and the catching was not so good.  We launched at seven A.M. and proceeded upstream to one of my favorite spots and immediately wet a line.  We had some action, but only after having our patience tried to the limit.  We kept having to reset our lines due to the wind blowing the ultra lite rigs in spite of casting either into the wind or away from the wind.  Wind kept repositioning the boat, dragging both anchors. :(  We did see more Osprey on this trip than I've seen before at any one time.  In fact, we saw them diving into the river after fish, so we knew we were in the right spot.  We hauled anchor and found a place to tie up so the wind wouldn’t blow us around but the fish refused to come out and play.  Our guests did go home with some trout to try for dinner for the first time, so that pleased us.  See you on the river and tight lines.