With water in the river and the potential for a warmer day, Saturday was a great day for the launch of 2018 fishing.  We took off from Houseman at 7:30 in 32 degree temperatures with the hope that it would warm up quickly.  The water was 45 degrees and the sun was bright.  We started up river and in a very short time spotted one of the its residents.  A big splash caught our attention, and he was gone.  I didn’t get a good look at who it was, just some big ripples.  We traveled further up river and found a nice spot to anchor.  The fish were accommodating and we harvested some really nice ones.  It seemed they were all pushing 13 inches with the exception of one of them that we returned to the river since he fell into the slot.  One thing that we noticed upon cleaning the fish was that the majority of them were river fish.  That is, they were either raised in the river or had been in long enough for the meat to be bright red, just like their kindred fish, the salmon.  We decided to try our luck further upriver and found another nice place.  By this time it was beginning to get warmer and consequently more enjoyable.  We finished off our limit and then went back down river and decided to take a look at Blue Springs.  We were amazed to find that the spring pool overflow was not overflowing, but there was water bubbling up in the channel on the river side of the dam.  Interesting for sure.  As we drove out of the ramp area we were surprised to see evidence of 10 other boats that were trying their luck.  Granted they didn’t start out as cold as we did, but we had our limit before some of them even wetted a hook.  
Tight lines y’all.