We launched at a few minutes past 7:00 a.m. from Houseman Access. The weather was warm and the sun was coming up.  What a beautiful day for fishing!  Obviously others thought so because there were several fishermen on the river at that early hour.  We went upriver to one of our favorite spots, seeing an Osprey along the way.  We anchored and began fishing with various colors of Berkley Power Balls and were somewhat successful.  After a bit, we weighed anchor and proceeded further up stream where we saw a huge otter on the bank.  At this anchorage, we caught a few more rainbows.  We relocated again when we saw a juvenile otter and another Osprey.  After a bit more bait fishing, we decided to start trolling.  We ended our trip with these two good friends having caught their limit, but had to return one of our catch to the river when he proved to be in the slot.  We did see what appeared a buzzard convention, more of the black headed buzzards than I have ever seen at one place and one time.  Cleaning today’s catch proved interesting.  Trout caught earlier this season had their bellies full of snails.  Today’s were full of insects! 

Tight lines and see you on the river!