We launched at 9:00 due to the cold weather on Wednesday morning.  It was predicted to warm up to 41 degrees by nine with more warming due and not much wind.  There was also not to be any generation according to the SPA schedule, but alas, it was not to be.  Nevertheless, we pressed on and motored upstream and found a good anchorage.  With the current, we had to continually reset our lines due to being moved downstream.   We caught a few rainbows but didn’t really start catching until the generation subsided.  We fished successfully with various colors of Power Balls and shades of Power Bait until we were close to our limit and then decided to start trolling.  Our catch included the one fish over the slot that we happily kept, plus several in the slot that we had to return to the river.  One little guy needed to grow up a little so he was tossed back, too.  We trolled with Flicker shad and Rapala lures and finished off our limit that way.  After cleaning and bagging the fish and we said good-bye to today’s happy fishing couple.

Tight Lines and have a wonderful day!