We are back from our winter respite in south Louisiana.  We visited with friends in Lafayette for several days and enjoyed several venues, including Avery island where they age peppers and produce great hot sauces.  We also found time for some Cajun and Zydeco music and dancing. 
We traveled with our friends to Lafitte where we stayed several nights while fishing for redfish.  Our guide, Mike, is a co-owner of Fishing with Phil.  Because of the extremely cold weather in south Louisiana this winter, the speckled trout had gone back out in the gulf, but the redfish were still there, I mean REALLY there. The first area we fished was active and our limit was 5.  Interestingly, the slot was opposite ours. Their slot states allowances about which fish to keep, not what had to be put back.  The allowance was for 16-27 inches, and only one over 27 could be kept.  Since the cold had effected the fishing lately, we decided to try several spots so Captain Mike would know of different spots for his next trip.  Other guide boats were like buzzards, circling us hoping we would leave so they could fish where we were doing well.  The game warden pulled alongside to check on us. It seems that some would get their limit, then drop off the fish and go back at it.  We were amazed at all the fish in each spot we visited.  Our next two spots weren’t quite as productive, but oh, the fish.  They were in the shallows of one to two feet deep.  As we moved along the banks we would see swirl after swirl of mud as they moved off. The last place we stopped had very hungry fish, and they were the biggest we encountered.  The bait was shrimp and we used a bobber set 12-18 inches up the line.  A popular rig there is shrimp on a pop cork.  As you rapidly move the line the cork makes a popping noise.  Our rig was a poor man's pop cork.  Like all guides, our captain knew how to save a  little expense where he can.  Captain Mike cleaned and bagged the fish for us and fed the pelicans :).
As if catching wasn’t enough fun, a local restaurant prepared some of the catch for our dinner.  We all enjoyed the taste of this fresh redfish, half was fried and half and half sautéed.  Throw in some salad and locally made bread pudding and it was a truly  delicious meal (especially the sautéed). The perfect ending to a day of fishing.