We delayed launch until eight this morning.  After a good Thanksgiving of being stuffed and the weather turning off cold Friday and even colder Saturday morning, eight seemed fitting.  Unfortunately, I left my hat at the house, so needless to say, with my cold head I was not in great spirits.  Yet, the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful morning.  We decided to try for some bigger fish by trolling instead of starting out with bait.  We trolled downstream a little bit, during which time we saw a really nice buck.  It must have been modern gun season because we heard what sounded like cannons going off.  Soon we turned around and started upstream trolling a little further.  We only caught "stick bass" and leaves while trolling.  Since that wasn’t so successful, some bait fishing seemed the way to go.  The first couple of stops were not tremendously lucky.  We had decided from the git-go that we were only interested in larger fish since a supper was already planned without depending on fish, so quantity wasn’t a big deal.  It hurt, but the slot we caught had to be returned.  A couple of others helped to make up for it.  First was a beautiful rainbow measuring over 18 inches.  Another keeper measured 12 31/32 inches (whew!).  A few fish a little smaller rounded out the day.  We used Power Eggs of different colors, but the winner today was white.  We saw several eagles and a large blue heron during the day.  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  By the way, the river has dropped even further so be careful.  See  you on the river and tight lines everyone.