We launched at 7:30 for this trip, prepared for rain, shine, cold, and wet weather.  We were not disappointed!  It was a two-fer celebration, both an anniversary and a birthday.  Our good time was not deterred by temperatures in the forties with mist off and on.  We just wiped off our glasses and went on with things.  After launch, we proceeded upstream and were graced with the presence of an otter, an osprey and both an adult and a juvenile bald eagle.  The blue herons did not want to be left out either.  The loud mouths of the forest, crows, did their best to harrass the eagles.  We anchored and began plying our skills at fishing.  There were definitely some scores to settle from past fishing experiences.  The gentleman said the lady took no prisoners on their last fishing experience.  We baited the hooks, cast them out and dared the fish to show themselves.  Bait for the day was Power Eggs of different colors and Power Bait as well.  It was an interesting morning with plenty of surface activity, and we were rewarded with several rainbow willing to come out and play.  We fished until the bite slowed then went to another spot, then to another, and then to still another.  The wind picked up, the mist grew heavier and it got colder, all of which would have been tolerable but the fish absolutely refused to bite after mid-morning.  Someone flipped a switch and, boom, the fish were gone.  Was it the barometric pressure, the weather, or what?  Beats me.  In fact, it became unpleasant enough that we called the trip a bit ahead of time due to the shivering.  Regardless, the morning was beautiful in its own way, the trip rewarding and the company a joy.  See you on the river and tight lines.