We met at 6:45 a.m. on a foggy, but pleasant morning.  Our clients had chosen to celebrate a birthday with a morning on the river.  First, we motored upstream and anchored.  The fishing turned quickly into catching.  One client onboard started our warm-up, then both caught some really nice rainbows 🌈.  We continued with the power eggs of different colors until the bite went off the cliff a little after eight.  Eight to nine often seems to usher in a lull in the bite. We tried switching to power bait to see if the slow down was due to the bait or to us!  The fact that the moon has been super bright the last few nights has probably been a contributing factor.  We went further upstream and caught a few more.  Although two nice slots had to be put back into the river so they could grow even more, we decided we had reached our limit with nine in the boat.  What a great birthday dinner—fresh fish!