What a morning for a father-son fishing adventure.  We launched at 7:00 a.m. in 48 degree temperature and the precipitation held off until very late morning.  The first place we anchored wasn’t very fruitful.  It reluctantly gave up only a few bites and a single fish, so we took the hint and motored further upriver.  We anchored at a place I haven’t fished in a some time just to give it a shot.  We were rewarded and decided that we were on the right track, baitwise.  After a time, we motored further upstream to finish out our limit, then closed up for the day.  We had our limit and had returned one slot to the river.  Another surprising thing was that the bite might have been slow to begin with, but it didn’t drop off at the usual 8 or 9 o'clock morning break.  The wind picked up somewhat a few times but that was about it.  A very pleasant morning.  We had tried both eggs and paste of different colors.

The river apparently did not appreciate our success as she tried to kill us on our way back to the ramp.  Motoring downstream we passed a good sized tree when we heard a cracking sound.  A tree limb about 4 inches in diameter and about 6 feet long came crashing down and missed us and the boat by a scant few feet.  Wow, that was a close call.  To polish off the day, we met with several boats.  The first one had a big engine and was running at top speed.  It was obviously being piloted by a nautically challenged individual.  It is common courtesy to slow down when meeting or overtaking another boat or a fisherman.  In addition, I have been told the tailwaters are a no wake zone.  Well, this boat didn’t pass us to the right as the nautical rules dictate nor did he slow down.  The river got its revenge, I am thinking, since the last thing we heard was the rather sickening sound of the boat running aground on a gravel island.  We were then confronted by a few other boats that didn’t believe in slowing down.  Well, it was high time we left the river with our day’s catch. 
See you on the river and tight lines.