The trip yesterday, October 11, was a doozy.  It was fun to have a nice newlywed couple out for an adventure.  We launched at 7:00 A.M. just as it was getting light.  The temperature was a balmy 41degrees, just 9 degrees above freezing, but you couldn’t tell it by me, I was frozen.  The water temperature was 9 degrees above the air temperature.  The wildlife must have thought it was on the chilly side as well.  We only saw a couple of birds and one otter, all of which were very still and looked cold.  We saw plenty of surface action and a lot of fish as we were heading upstream.  It turned out that the fishing was good, but the catching lacked a lot.  The front had a big impact on the catching despite our efforts using both power eggs and power bait of various colors   See you on the river and tight lines everyone.