The latest fishing clients decided to celebrate their anniversary with a guided fishing trip here on the White River.  We launched from Bertrand access at 7 a.m.  As we trolled upstream we had several bites and landed a nice trout, thanks to our flicker shad.  Along the way we had some entertainment provided by our resident river otters and beaver.  We trolled to our first anchorage, changed to bait, and started fishing.  We did feel a bit pressed for time since one never knows when the generation will actually start, regardless of the published generation schedule.  The bite was rather slow but we stuck it out for a while then weighed anchor and proceeded to our next favorite fishing spot.  The bite was still a little slow but better than the first anchorage.  Generation had started by then and the current began to pick up at our location.  We decided to troll our way back to the Launch ramp and happily caught several trout on the way.  As often happens in a boat, you think you have a minute to take off a jacket or switch to sunglasses, but that is the moment you get a strike.  What do you do?  You hold the glasses with your teeth and use your hands to reel in a fish.  The Rapala worked better for us during this bout of trolling.  Since another boat occupied the ramp, we stopped by the interesting Blue Springs area for a bit.  Soon it was our turn to trailer the boat and drive to the shop for cleaning and bagging a nice day’s catch.