This trip began with a 6:45 a.m. launch from Houseman Access.  Our first move was to head upstream and begin trolling.  The first catch of the day fell in the slot, so we had to repatriate and troll a bit more.  We arrived at the spot where we wanted to anchor and fish, so we dropped our hooks, fore and aft.  Catching started out a little slow but picked up, so we had a nice catch in the live well.  We started with Berkley power bait and quickly switched to Berkley Power Balls using wax worms occasionally, but everything seemed to work as to color.

The generation schedule “suggested” the start time was 1:00 even though they have been starting at 9:00, I guess to confuse us.  Well, they doubled down today and started at 8:00 a.m. Why in the world they would start so early on Labor Day weekend, knowing there would be a lot of fishermen out baffles me. We wrapped up the bait fishing and began trolling again all the way back down to Houseman.  It was time to haul the boat out and proceed back to the shop to clean a good day’s catch.  See you on the river.