We launched from Houseman Access at 6:45 to try to get a jump on the generation schedule from Beaver Dam.  Speaking of generation scheduled from Beaver, perhaps the schedule is Eastern Time Zone instead of our local Central time zone because  generation is consistently an hour early according to CST.

Never the less, we launched and proceeded up stream at a leisurely pace.  It is truly fall according to the weather.  If one were to dress for the predicted 85 degrees, one would certainly be underdressed for the 65 degrees one experiences, or for the the forty-some degrees indicated by some of the temperature gauges that are close to the river.

We stopped at our first anchorage and caught rainbow very quickly, but things really slowed down.  We started with Berkley power bait and transitioned one fisherman to Berkley power balls, but the bite didn’t improve.  We moved upstream, anchored again, and very quickly caught a rainbow, but that quickly went into the forget-me mode.  I am not sure if the trout union went on strike or they had a really early breakfast, but the bite was lousy.  I have to praise my guests; they did a marvelous job.  One was relatively new to fishing, or might I say catching, and the other was more experienced, but I was proud of both.  We moved again and again.  The generation caught up with us, so we stored our ultralite rods and took a quick trip upstream to see a couple of things then started downstream, trolling.  We caught a nicer trout but the lines got tangled and he escaped the grill. 

Time caught up with us so we put away our trolling rods and took a peek at a spring that puts about 38 million gallons of cold clear water into the White River per day.  We cleaned the trout, preparing them for a visit to the grill later on that day.

Tight lines and happy fishing!!