We launched at Houseman at a few minutes past 7 and motored upstream to our first  anchorage.  The bite was slow but we managed to catch our limit.  We returned two of them to the river, one too large and one too small, keeping only three.  We tried four different locations but the story was the same, slow bite.  By this time the current had increased considerably due to the generation so we finished the morning by trolling.  Even though we marked plenty of fish on the fish finder, no one was interested in playing.  

The trip was probably more informative for me than my guest.  He was interested in experiencing the more refined trout, as compared to the large catfish he was used to and to the sharks and rays he has been stalking for the last several years.  This gentleman makes his own rods and I enjoyed learning how he configured his terminal tackle for hanging onto sharks weighing multiple hundreds of pounds.

It was a beautiful day and we both really enjoyed the river.