We launched at 6:45 a.m. at Bertrand and went downstream heading to our first anchorage.  We were looking for the otter family that hangs out in the Spider Creek area and saw what we thought were some otters.   By the time we got close enough to identify the animals we saw they were ducks.  We proceeded, somewhat disappointed, downstream to our anchorage.  We started fishing, but heard a big splash behind us and couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.  Maybe a big turtle slipping off the bank into the water rather clumsily?  We continued fishing using first power bait, then power balls and wax worms.   It didn’t seem to make much difference as to what type of bait we used or what color/flavor because they bit on everything. What a day!  That big splash continued as we were fishing and we finally spotted a beaver.  He was near the shore and swam up to within 15 feet of our boat before diving for good.  After we got close to our limit we trolled further downstream using both Flicker-shad and Rapala lures.  As was the case with the power bait, it didn’t seem to make much difference what we used; we caught fish.  Even though we had a string of nice-sized fish we didn’t catch any fish over the 16 inch mark.  It would be safe to say we had a great time!  Tight lines and see you on the river.

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