Sam and nephew Curt, visiting from Missouri, planned a fishing trip for Saturday.  Another guide, Austin, was kind enough to offer his boat and his company, so we started the day with a 6:00 a.m. launch from Houseman, intending to try for some browns.  What do guides do when they don’t have trips booked?   Well, they fish, of course.  Despite the overcast day, we trolled upstream then back down without finding any evidence of browns.   

Not wanting to waste the day, we decided to fish for rainbow.  It took a while to get any in the boat, despite our good luck catching.  A couple of times the trout spit out the lures and once almost got one of the fisherman. One fun moment was after the trout spit the lure in midair Austin quickly netted him before he fell back into the water.  But, alas, the trout had the last laugh.  He escaped through a hole in the net. :(

We anchored and began boating the trout seriously, using power bait, power balls, and waxworms.  All three of us were fishing, but Austin manned the net most of the time.  It was fun when he was untangling a line from the net and another trout was caught, often by Austin on his unattended rod so we would grab the net to capture the trout with a line still entangled.  My nephew caught the largest trout of his life, then he did it again, one well over 16 inches.  Way to go Curt!   Curt also caught a slot which was put back into the river and Austin caught one that we reunited with his mommy.  

I commented that it felt like it was about to rain and in just a few minutes Austin said judging from the rain drops we could see on the river, it is.  Although we were one short of our limit we decided we would forgo the last one had return to the launch ramp.  What a great day for fishing, fun and fellowship!