Our boat left Bertrand about 7 a.m. this morning with mom and son on board.  We trolled upstream as we have the past few trips, and oh, what a difference a day makes.  Especially when the day brought an overnight storm and an inch of rain.  Water was muddy from just below Bertand to as far as we went upstream, and the bite was extremely slow.  We did catch fish today, both trolling and while anchored in a few spots, but when things are slow, it is painful throw back the ones which fall in the slot.  Each anchorage resulted in only 1-2 fish today, at least for this impatient guide.  The good news is that when they did bite, it didn’t seem to matter what the bait.  Adding a power ball to the hook seemed to make setting the hook a little easier.  Our clients enjoyed the beautiful day, but were ready to hit the cleaning station as the temperatures climbed.  See you on the river!