Today’s report is compiled from family fishing trips over several days. This lucky guide was able to fish with daughter from Rogers, grandson from Miami, and with son, grandson, and granddaughter from Kansas.  We managed several firsts, thanks to the cooperative fish we found.  Daughter fished and caught fish for the first time.  5-year-old granddaughter, who fished for the very first time ever, caught her LIMIT by feeling the strike and reeling it in.  Grandsons were not new to catching fish, but learned to cast with a spinning reel.  Son caught his limit each day and will treat some friends in Kansas to a fish fry.  Proud Grandpa just guided them to the right spot.

Speaking of the right spot, we fished without moving around much since the place we anchored resulted in a steady catch.  Power balls didn’t seem effective, but we fished with power bait.  The smelly and the bright varieties were the ones that worked this weekend. 

Since the attention span of these fisher-people was on the short side, we cruised the river and managed to site kingfishers, blue herons, an eagle, and a pileated woodpecker.  We found a tree that appeared to me gnawed by a beaver.  What a wonderful weekend to be on the river.  See you there!