Today’s trip began a bit later than usual, 8:30 from Bertrand.   A group of friends piled onto the boat and we worked our way upstream, trolling along the way.  Since that resulted in no fish, we anchored at a couple of previously productive spots only to find that was not to be the case today.  Moving back downstream we again anchored in a spot where it is usually easy to limit out, but not today.  The fishermen on board used wax worms, power balls, and paste bait to no avail. After a bit, we moved even further downstream and finally found the fish.  It took pink and orange power bait paste to get their attention.  Everyone on board caught fish in this spot, but all too soon, it was time to motor back to the launch ramp.  The day was declared to be a Grand Time Fishing and an OK Time Catching.  Hope to see you on the river.