We launched from Bertrand at 7 a.m. on Saturday for what became one of those absolutely perfect days for fishing.    First of all, the lady on board today was both client and friend, so the company was great.  Second, the weather was beautiful, with no wind and calm waters.  Third, the fish were biting, at least for us.  We headed upstream and started catching with the first cast.  From then on, it didn’t stop.  We used  wax worms and PowerBait eggs and paste of various colors and none stood out over the others.   After fishing in one spot until we felt like moving, we trolled back toward the launch ramp and caught several more, including a nice slot that we had to release.  It didn’t hurt too much since all the fish we caught today were good-sized.  While cleaning, we noticed that nearly all seemed to be river fish, nicely colored that deep pink color like salmon rather than the white meat we sometimes see.   There were just a few other boats out, but plenty of kayaks and bank fishermen.  More rain is predicted later this week, so get out and fish now.