One week later, here are today’s photos from the launch ramps at Houseman and Bertrand.  The level of the river has decreased noticeably.  You can launch a boat on either side at at Houseman, but the circle drive is still underwater.  Since Houseman is out of the current, this would be a pretty safe launch.  Bertrand’s metal walk ramp is now out of the water and a couple of bank fishermen were trying their luck today.  Beaver Dam has closed all the flood gates and continues to generate 56 megawatts, 24/7, with the one generator that is in working order.  This means that 28,798 gallons of water per second are running from Beaver Lake into the river.  The picture of the chart shows the current level of Table Rock Lake.  As water flows downstream from Beaver to Table Rock to other dams on the White River on to the Mississippi, things get backed up.  Gradually, fishermen and women are beginning to head back out on the water.  The only real catching going on this week is spoonbills near the dam.  Gar and carp are coming upriver for spawning, also.  Obviously, things will continue to change as water level drops.  When the river is so wide and deep, the fish fill a much larger area so concentrated pockets, “hot spots,” are hard to find.   We will be in and out of town for the rest of this month attending family graduations in different parts of the country.  Hoping that when we return we can settle into a fine summer of fishing.  See you on the river!