Today’s launch was from Houseman about 9 a.m.  Just as we were loading up, we heard the whistle at Beaver Dam blowing.  Unbeknownst to us, the flood gates were being opened a foot.

We headed upstream, intent on fishing between Spider Creek and the dam. The current was already significant enough that we found a sheltered place to tie up for some fishing, without a lot of luck.  Since several of today’s clients were first time fishermen, we spent the time teaching casting.  

Moving downstream to another anchorage out of the current, we caught several trout.  Finding and catching some trout did amaze us, since we had about 2 inches of rain overnight, the flood gates were open, the rains had washed plenty of food into river, and the river level is still so high from previous rains that fish are really spread out.

When the bite seemed to stop, we weighed anchor further downstream to check out one more spot, but again without any luck.  Today we fished using power balls and power bait in combination with wax worms.

This was a beautiful day on the river with a lovely family.  The rains gave us several areas of water falls to enjoy.  Back at the shop, the young people in the group enjoyed hot chocolate while the fish cleaning was completed.  Be safe out there.