We were excited to launch at Houseman about 7 a.m. on Sunday since our trip had been postponed from Friday due to rain and lightning.  And what a treat to see the river fully passable after our drought experiences of recent months.  Our trip today began with motoring downstream several hundred yards, then turning and trolling upstream.  We did mark plenty of fish along the way, but spent more time than we wanted reeling in to clean off our lures.  The water was covered with debris from the heavy rains of the previous two days.  Whatever the reason, we had no bites while trolling.

We decided to change to bait and try out some of the areas of the river that have been inaccessible by boat for a time.  We anchored and immediately caught a couple of trout.  Using the 5-minute-rule, meaning that we move if we have not had a bite in 5 min., we moved often.  Before we knew it, we had worked our way upriver of Spider Creek Island.  The bite picked up, but it was time for these fishing people to head home.  This nice couple had previously only caught fish at Lake Pomme de Terre, so taking home a dinner-size mess of fish made the trip a happy one for them.