Saturday’s launch was from Houseman, at a time much later than usual, 2 p.m.  We held off until the rain had stopped, or nearly so.  We went downstream to the first “sweet spot” which turned out to be not so sweet today.  We went further downstream and anchored, hoping for better luck.  Gave up on that and headed down to a third spot that has been productive in the past.  We did get some strikes at this spot, but no fish made it into the boat.  The rain began to pick up so we turned upstream in case we needed to make a fast exit.  Our attention was diverted by a colorful item on our port side that seemed to be caught up on the bank.  Perhaps the low water made some “lost” items more visible so we could do a little salvage work.  At least we didn’t go home empty handed.  As the mist got heavier and our passengers were close to freezing, we motored on back to the launch ramp and called it a day.  We are so grateful for the abundant rain that fell in the past couple of days, but the fishing is often most difficult when the river is muddy and full of run-off from the banks.  A couple of other fishermen were out, but told us they had no bites.  Our best wishes to this young couple who enjoyed the river and their time together on this chilly spring day.  And what a good sport this young Birthday Girl was when our guide showed her a photo of a bear taken on nearby property, not knowing her feelings toward the subject.