It has been a couple of days now, but we launched at Houseman and went upstream to fish.There were places where the water was less than 1 foot deep and we had to pull the motor up for clearance.  We headed for a favorite spot hoping that the area had not been fished much lately.  Sure enough, we anchored and managed to land several.  After a time I asked if one member of the group was interested in trying some different bait.  His humorous response was, “Let’s see.  I am catching fish.  This is working.  Why would I change now?”  Obviously he is of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school.   When the waiting time between bites seemed to slow further, we moved backdownstream and finished our limits.  We caught fish both on paste bait and power balls, but the bite was slow across the entire river, perhaps due to the front moving through.  Or maybe it just seemed slow because we were so cold.  The fish were warmer than we were this day!  One advantage to a slow bite is more time for conversation. These outdoorsmen had plenty to discuss, lake fishing, striper guides, and elk hunting in AR among them.  All in all, another enjoyable day in good company.